On Demand Bus Service

On Demand Bus Service

New On Demand Buss Service fully live. First 100 chargeable rides are FREE!! All Transport Scotland concessionary fares using the National Entitlement card and Young Persons Under 22 cards accepted. Use it or loose it!

DRT Route 131 is a Demand Responsive Transport 3-month trial from funding from the community bus fund, using 17-seater low floor wheelchair accessible bus.

The DRT operation service hours would be linked to commuting services Mondays to Fridays 0700-2100and from direct points only from the area covered: Oldhamstocks, Dunglas, Bilsdean, Innerwick, Thorntonloch, Skateraw and Broxburn to:

• Asda spot road – and access to the public bus services

• Dunbar Railway Station – Access to train services.

• Dunbar Medical practice – Access to medical appointments.

Booking by 4pm on the day BEFORE travel via the app or by phone.

iOS (Apple) app https://apps.apple.com/us/app/east-l-go/id6478873691

Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

Or by Phone: 01368 865500

1) Operator confirms booking or suggest a suitable time if other bookings have already been made close to that time.

2) Operator informs passenger of pickup point either a bus stop or a suitable point near their location.

3) Passenger arrives at pickup point and is collect and taken to one of the three drop off points.

The map shows the Bus stops and the fare zones are in the table below: