East L Go – Service Growth

East L Go – Service Growth

356 users signed up since 11th March 2024

The East L Go service launched on 11th March 2024 covering the areas of Oldhamstocks, Dunglas, Bilsdean, Innerwick, Thorntonloch, Skateraw and Broxburn into Dunbar.  Initially available as a phone only service for one week, while Liftango, the technology provider, completed the platform setup of the passenger app. The passenger app was then publicly launched and available from  Monday 18th March 2024.

Passengers Sign Ups

Over the course of the service, passenger sign ups have steadily increased on a week by week basis. As of 14th June, we now have 356 passengers’ signed up to travel on the East L Go service:

Table showing registered users by month
Graphic showing user registration method

Passengers are signing up mostly via the App, with only a few passengers each month signing up via contacting Eve’s Coaches directly. We can see sign ups tailing off, however 356 passengers on rural service is brilliant.

As week 1 was Phone bookings only, we had 12 journeys.

From week 2, and the East L Go passenger app being available, bookings tripled to 38 journeys for the week.

Continuing on, we can see a steady increase of bookings each week, peaking on the week of 22nd April with 104 bookings during this period. 96 App bookings and 8 Phone bookings.

Graphic showing booking method

*The graphic shows green as phone bookings, grey as app bookings, on a weekly basis. Data as of 14th June and subject to change.*

Graphic showing cumulative booking by method

By May, we can see that 96% of bookings are now being submitted through the East L Go passenger app.

Bookings by Concession Type
Passengers by Seat Type

Passenger Sharing Metrics

As patronage has increased, the ability for passengers to share trips has increased as well.

Percentage Trips Shared Among Passengers

In April, 53% of trips had at least 2 or more passengers on the bus at one time. Up until 14th June has had 50% of trips shared by at least 2 passengers.

This table shows the percentage of passenger sharing from 1-6 passengers on board at any one time. 5% of journeys in April & June have had 6 passengers on board at 1 time!